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Contender Claims Consultants’ financial strength gives us a tremendous advantage over the typical one or two person public adjusting company. Our financial stability also allows us to employ the best talent for quantifying your claim and gives Contender Claims Consultants the staying power to remain focused on obtaining the maximum possible settlement for our clients. Unlike the majority of smaller and under capitalized public adjusting firms, we are under no pressure to settle to collect our fee.

Contender Claims Consultants’ does not impose any quotas on adjusters and will not barter the settlement of your claim with others. Contender Claims Consultants’ size and stability provides all the resources needed to stay in business and patiently negotiate the monetary recovery our clients deserve.

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Recovering from a fire in your home or business can be an overwhelming process. Even the smallest of fires can lead to a complicated insurance claim, especially when the additional damages caused by smoke and water are factored in



Contender Claims Consultants handles residential claims of all sizes for single family homes, townhomes, condominium unit owners and apartment residents.


Living and working in Southeast Florida, the boat capital of the world we have been seeing more and more insureds with claims on their boats coming through our door.  We have been noticing a trend of these claims being denied for various reasons.  


Coworking Space

Assembly Sydney East

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The Foundry

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